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Lock/ban a Prodigy account

How to lock/ban a Prodigy account

  1. Log into a Prodigy world
  2. [Hack] Set Level => 100
  3. Use the map to teleport to Harmony Island
  4. [Hack] Set Level => 5
  5. Log Out

Only do this on an alt. There is no guarantee that you can unlock your account.

You've now successfully locked a Prodigy account- it can't be accesed again! Try logging in then joining a world- haha, not possible!


  1. Log into Prodigy, but don't join a world
  2. Wait for cheatGUI to load.
  3. [Hack] Set Level => 100
  4. Try joining a world. If it didn't work, reload and try again.

You've now successfully unlocked a Prodigy account- hopefully! Good luck!