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History of ProdigyPNP

On April 6, 2022, Prodigy-Hacking/ProdigyMathGameHacking and Prodigy-Hacking/P-NP were deleted due to a DMCA takedown. P-NP technically hosts a copy of Prodigy's code, except it's modified to allow the running of hacks. PHEx was taken off the Chrome Web Store. This was the fall of Prodigy-Hacking. That organization would never return to hack Prodigy ever again.

However, this was not at all the end for Prodigy Hacks. Just a day after Prodigy-Hacking's end, gemsvidø created the GitHub organization ProdigyPNP, with donaldli and Eris. After a little more than a week of work on fixing P-NP and PHEx to be compatible with ProdigyPNP's links and services, ProdigyPNP had officially brought back PHEx.


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