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Hacks are being shut down. Thanks for everything.

· 2 min read

First we'd like to thank everyone for being with us. For the past 6 months, we've maintained the largest Prodigy hack, all while keepings things open source and ad-free.

Our goal, of bringing back Prodigy hacks, has somewhat been accomplished! While our hacks have fallen, Prodigy X, a different cheat menu for Prodigy, has rose (It's partially closed source and does have ads and analytics. Always use uBlock Origin). Costs of keeping alive Prodigy Hack servers have also been up to $20 a month, in the past few months, and that's all from my, gemsvidø's wallet. I make zero money from these hacks, and am going broke from them sometimes. Also, there have been trade negotiations of sorts with

For these reasons, as of November 4, 2022, all official publications of our extension on webstores, and instances of P-NP servers, will all be closed down.

We will keep our source code on GitHub, where anyone can continue development by forking our repositories. We'll continue to review pull requests, but patched hacks most likely will remain patched. Our main issue is Prodigy made a little patch and I, being the only active person of ProdigyPNP, have no idea how to fix it.

If you would like to run your own instance of the hacks, check out ProdigyPNP/P-NP, but again, there is still fixing to be done. Our license allows anyone to run and develop our hacks, as long as no profit is made.

Thank you everyone for understanding, and getting us to insane milestones, such as 45k extension weekly users (before removal), 30k YouTube views (before our main tutorial was removed), and 7k Discord members (before the server was TOS'd).

If you're wondering where ProdigyPNP is headed next, which most of you likely aren't, and are just children thirsting for Prodigy hacks, sorry, anyways, I'm headed to developing actual software that's legal and doesn't break every five days, and maybe, perhaps, a new Prodigy hack menu. Check out @ProdigyPXP to see the software and for updates on the new hacks I'm making.

So long, everyone. Good luck, and GodSpeed.